a pyritized ammonite fossil

Mission Statement

okay! it’s working! I officially have a sideblog! this is going to be where I can post just anything that interests me and no one can stop me!

this ought to be how the main blog works, but I got all built up in my head about how it should only, or at least in some significant part, be a gender and sexuality thing and not a “I farted today” thing.

this sideblog is a completely open space for “I farted today” and if I want to post 10000 times a day or post 10000 words on a TV show no one else watched or any damn ramble I want, here is my space.

the post image is a cool fossil Rowdy gave me, it’s not related to anything

  • Pax
    January 25, 2023 at 22:12

    I respect and admire your ability to recognize the weird pressure Having A Blog exerts that somehow looks sternly at I farted today posts, but since I also miss both your old blog, which definitely did that in the old times, and twitter generally, am very excited about this sideblog.

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